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Hi Friends!  This is a bit of a different post.  I thought I’d share some photos of my new organizers by  Organize More.  For many years I kept my stamp pads in my Alex drawer units, but I found myself reaching for the same colors and neglecting most of my inks.  I finally decided make a color chart and organize the pads so they are within reach.  No more digging though drawers!

To organize my Distress Oxide Inks and Catherine Pooler inks, I have used two of the 60 compartment ink organizers side by side.  I used a brother label maker to create the labels for each color.  White lettering on black tape is my favorite, since the contrast allows me to see the ink names clearly.  I also swatched and punched out each color using a standard hole puncher and glued it to the front of the ink pads.

The clear organizer for my ink blending brushes is a nail polish organizer I bought on Amazon.  The blenders were labeled using the same black tape with my label maker and color coded.

My fellow PPP DT member Ardyth had a great idea to create an ink swatch chart, which you see in tucked in the back (photo above).  I created a square stencil using a square die on acetate and swatched my entire distress oxide collection.  This way, I know what the color will look like blended on Bristol paper.  This also allows me to see the what colors may work well together when I’m ink blending on a card.

Next for my Catherine pooler inks, I used the same method with the white lettering on black labels.  The small red squares indicate that I have a re-inker available for that color.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope this post helps you with ideas on how to swatch and store your inks.

Also please note that I was not gifted any of these items.  I purchased all of them on my own, including the organizers which were on sale when I placed my order.  Happy crafting!

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